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Best Bluetooth Car StereoAre you looking for the best Bluetooth receiver? Well this article will provide you with good information to find a very good car stereo with Bluetooth. Like all our articles , we take the time to update the information on a regular basis, making sure you have a good view of the consumer reviews and the prices.

The Clarion CX501 Double-DIN CD/Bluetooth/USB Receiver is one Bluetooth car stereo that has features such as a front panel USB Port that will allow you to have direct iPod control for your digital music. This will give you the full experience while listening to your favorite songs. It will also allow you to listen to high definition radio frequencies. Aside from this, you will also get a built in Bluetooth technology for hands-free operations while driving. Because of this, you will minimize the risk of you getting into an accident while listening to music in your car.

Because of the optional amplifiers and subwoofers that you can have with this device, you will get to enjoy listening to your favorite songs even more while driving to your destination. There is nothing like being able to listen to your favorite radio station or singer as you travel along the coastal highway with Clarion CX 501.

Clarion NX501Video Review

JVC Bluetooth InDash Digital Media Receiver

JVC Bluetooth In-Dash Digital Media Receiver with Dual USB PortsIf you want to get the best digital media player that you can have in your car, the JVC Bluetooth InDash receiver is the product for you. With this front of you will be able to get a multitude of features in a gadget without consuming much space. What features am I talking about? You will get an mp 3 player, a radio with an AM and FM bandwidth, bluetooth streaming and more.


With this JVC Bluetooth In-Dash Digital Media Receiver with Dual USB Ports, you will be able to get a wireless control that can allow you to operate the machine remotely while driving to your destination. It is definitely the best stereo sound system you can have in your car. It can also go up to fifty watts and get up to four channels for your listening pleasure.

The front plate of a stereo can be detached if to limit the risk of theft. This would make it easier for you to install it in your car or take it in for repairs when necessary.

Another feature that you had to take note of would be its USB connection which will give you the opportunity to use a USB splitter if ever you would need to. This would be the best deal that you can have for such a nifty machine. You will definitely never find anything like this in the market.

can find in the market without spending too much money, this is the one you are looking for. It will give you everything that you would want in a stereo and a very affordable price.

So go online now and make sure that you would be able to get enough details about this product so that you would be able to operate it quite well upon purchasing.


JVC KD-X50BT Receiver and Infinity Reference Speakers ROCK!

Alpine In-Dash 1DIN CD/MP3/USB Receiver – CDE-HD137BT

CDE-HD137BT - Alpine In-Dash 1DIN CD/MP3/USB Receiver with Bluetooth and HD Radio
The CDE- HD 137BT Alpine is a bluetooth empowered car stereo that promises to offer the users a wholesome package. Beginning with a bevy of entertainment options, the use of cordless as well as handless calling options and impeccable sound features are readily available; all the comforts that define a modern driver’s taste.

A factor that causes the CDE-HD137BT – Alpine In-Dash 1DIN CD/MP3/USB Receiver with Bluetooth and HD Radio to rate so highly among the many number of enthusiasts is the sound quality. Having an inbuilt amplifier supported audio system makes it comparable to none in the market and the mostly 5 star rating customer reviews (4.5 stars on average) can easily attest to this fact.

Due to its ability to pair beautifully with the Pandora internet radio, the CDE-HD 137BT Alpine stereo does easily support the android, blackberry and the iphone gadgets. The plug-ins for both the iphone and ipod are also available, and to pair your smart phone with the bluetooth car stereo is simply a child’s play. This factor also presents a delightful experience to many users. The only challenge that the CDE- HD 137BT Alpine car stereo gets from time to time according to a sample of customer reviews is to do with the bluetooth operation. Some users have found it unreliable at times.

To put into context the key features that dot this superior car stereo system: bluetooth that aids in hands free calling and relaying of great quality sound, an inbuilt HD radio tuning facility. It also has an input slot for CD in addition to a radio tuner for AM and FM frequencies. It has a Pandora playback enabling device that supports android, black berry and iphone, contains an inbuilt amplifier of the MOSFET (18w by 4) design; a factor that goes a long way to enhance great quality sound.

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